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How much does a gravestone cost?

How much does a gravestone cost? :- Artisan Memorials is proud to offer a premium service, supplying headstones and gravestones with a masterful finish at affordable prices. Memorials should last a lifetime, but many find the cost of true quality to be excessive – at Artisan Memorials, we bridge that gap by providing superior quality workmanship at more accessible prices. 

How much does a headstone cost
Memorial stones, How much does a headstone cost
memorials, how much does a headstone or gravestone ost
Gravestone, how much does a headstone or gravestone cost

Artisan memorials – How much does a gravestone cost?

Gravestone Price Guide.

Welsh Slate Headstones

  • 2 inch thick headstone set upon a matching stone base, or directly into the ground as a "monolith".
  • V-carved inscription.
  • From £2,475.
  • 3inch thick headstone, price on application due to availability.

Sandstone Headstones

  • From Yorkshire or Scotland.
  • Headstone set upon a matching stone base, or directly into the ground as a "monolith".
  • V-carved inscription.
  • £2,475.

Stone Plaques

  • Memorial Plaques, Commemorative Plaques, Cremation Stones, Building Plaques, from £795.
  • House Signs, Garden Memorials, Pet Memorials, from £395.

Limestone Headstones

  • Nabresina or Portland Limestone.
  • Headstone set upon a matching stone base, or directly into the ground as a "monolith".
  • V-carved inscription.
  • From £2,475.

Additional Elements

  • Additional pictorial carving or motif.
  • Circular lettering to edge.
  • Carved floral decorations.
  • Additional inscription or pictorial carving on rear of stone.
  • Kerb sets.
  • Price on Application.
Nabrasina Limestone UK Gravestones and bespoke cemetery memorials
Grave stones & Headstones
Grave stone and bespoke memorials and gravestones
carved letters Slate Headstones and Headstone prices and UK gravestones


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an inscription last?

A number of factors contribute to the longevity of an inscription. These include the type of stone, location of the stone, and the depth to which the letters at cut into the stone. When designing your memorial, we will take these factors into account, recommending a stone type according to location and aesthetic preference, and using bolder, or deeper cut letter styles where necessary.

Do I need permission to install a headstone?

Permission to install a headstone is always required and we obtain this on your behalf. The process can takes  up to 4 weeks and requires a signature from the grave owner.

Normally a fee is charged by the churchyard or cemetery for permission to install a memorial.

How much does a memorial cost?

Our hand crafted stone memorial plaques start from £795. Headstones and gravestones start from £2,475. Kerb set arrangements start from £3,500.

when is payment due?

Once we reach an agreement on a design proposal we require a payment of 50%.  At this point we order your stone and get to work on your memorial. Final payment is made following installation. It should be noted that a small installation fee is normally payable by you to the churchyard or cemetery.

How do i write an epitaph?

An epitaph is a chance to say something lasting about the person being remembered. It necessarily should be short and concise and in our experience the best ones are both uplifting and comforting to those visiting the grave, without being overly sentimental. Often inspiration is taken from literature or biblical texts. If you need help we have compiled a library of quotes and inscriptions to guide you.

what is the best stone for a memorial?

All our stones are suitable for the UK climate, but some weather better than others and some carve better. When selecting a stone, consideration should be given to the location, as damp shaded locations tend to age a stone quicker. We normally recommend using Welsh Slate, Nabresina Limestone or Yorkshire Sandstone, as all are hardy, carve well and offer a range of shades.

How long should we leave before adding a headstone?

Installing a headstone is normally permitted after a period of 6 months from the time of burial. Even so it is common to see memorials that have tilted, and this is because the burial ground had not fully settled at the time of fixing. For this reason, we recommend waiting longer. Often clients like to commemorate the first anniversary of passing with the positioning of the memorial, giving more time for the ground to settle.

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