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Slate Gravestones

Create a truly personal memorial to your departed loved one.

Artisan Memorials – Monumental Stonemasons

Beautiful Welsh Slate Gravestones, Headstones and Memorial Plaques.

Good Design

By putting good design at the heart of everything we do, we are able to create beautiful, personal memorials to suit the individual needs of our clients. We listen to your wishes and can advise you on the perfect design to suit your needs.

Expert Craftsmanship

With over 30 years experience as a professional letter carver, calligrapher and memorial maker our expert stonemason, Mark Brooks brings true expertise and craftsmanship to our premium and authentic memorials.

Finest Quality Welsh Slate

We believe that a truly lasting memorial starts with using the right stone. Welsh slate is exactly that. It is perfect for intricate detailed carving and will defy the elements for centuries. That means a higher quality finish and a superior feeling product.

Slate Headstone at Highgate cemetery
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Our Services

Artisan Memorials is proud to offer a premium service, supplying beautiful welsh slate gravestones, headstones and memorial plaques with a masterful finish at affordable prices.
Memorials should last a lifetime, but many find the cost of true quality to be excessive – at Artisan Memorials, we bridge that gap by providing superior quality workmanship at more accessible prices.

  • Consultation and Advice
  • Design Proposals
  • Applications for Permits
  • V-carved Inscriptions
  • Installation and Fixing

Watch Our Process: Stop Motion film of a memorial headstone being hand drawn then carved into welsh slate.

Slate gravestones and headstone prices
Welsh Slate Gravestone
Slate Memorial Plaque
Riven Slate Memorials

Mark did an amazing job with my mother’s gravestone; we wanted a beautiful gravestone for her and I can’t recommend Mark highly enough. He is a true artist with a great eye for typography and design. Having seen suggestions from two other companies before approaching Mark, Mark’s design was pretty much perfect straight away and the end result of how the carved letters and a carved scallop shell look on the slate stone is truly beautiful. Mark is very easy to work with, and he also went above and beyond, helping us with the paperwork and liaising with the cemetery over the installation – he is also a perfectionist and installed the stone beautifully. Moreover, he is also a really great guy to work with and that really helps when commissioning a gravestone for a loved one. Thank you Mark for our beautiful memorial stone.

Artisan memorials – Welsh Slate Gravestones

We Have Over 30 Years of Experience in the Industry

We have extensive experience in customising our designs to the specific needs of our customers, making our service truly bespoke – we can provide gravestones, headstones, and memorial plaques tailored directly to you.
We use the lessons learned from many years of working with stone to provide a fantastic finished product that befits your nearest and dearest. You can have as much or as little to do with the project as you like – however you want to work is how we’ll make it happen.

Artisan Memorials – monumental stonemasons

True Artisan Quality

When you work with us, you will be partnering with a highly experienced stonemason who can help you tailor a memorial directly to your preferences. By using the services of a true stonemason, you will be getting a memorial that has had its lettering and designs painstakingly designed and carved for the best possible finish.
We continue to use the time-tested techniques we have learned over generations of working with high-quality stone. Our approach also means we’re able to offer our customers a much higher degree of customisation and can accommodate a wide variety of designs, letter forms and layouts.

UK Wide Service

Simple Commissioning Process

Unique and Personal Memorials

Affordable prices

Riven Welsh Slate memorial headstone
Stone carved cross
Slate slate memorial plaque
Slate Memorials

We are experts in our craft, and treat each headstone and memorial as a work of art. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. We offer a UK wide service.

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Opening Hours

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Slate gravestones
Slate memorial gravestone
Slate Plaque with butterflies at affordable headstone prices and how much does a headstone cost?
Welsh Slate gravestones

Artisan memorials – monumental stoneMasons

Slate Gravestones.

To learn more about the types of stone used in memorials and how they stand the test of time, why not watch our expert stonemason discuss the merits of each in these two short films.

Artisan Memorials


Artisan Memorials

2 Westgate Court Avenue Canterbury

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