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Designing a Memorial

Designing a Memorial

We create a series of memorial designs which we develop in collaboration with our clients into a final drawing.

Headstone Memorial Designs
Designing a memorial - Proposal drawings

Considerations when designing a memorial.

Types of Stone

Often when designing a memorial the type of stone used is the first consideration. We offer a wide range of stones sourced locally without the environmental cost of importing from across the globe.

Our most popular stones can be seen here, however we make memorials in Clashach Sandstone from Scotland, Purbeck Limestone from Dorset, Saint Bees Sandstone from Cumbria, Caithness Stone from Scotland, as well as granite and marble.

All of our stones are carefully selected for their suitability for the UK climate and each has its own qualities and characteristics, which we can explain before you decide.



Yorkshire Sandstone

Yorkshire Sandstone

Stone Design

Select one of our most popular shapes, or talk to us about your own design.

Headstones and Grave Stones Shapes


We put memorial design at the heart of everything we do. We believe that inscriptions are the most important aspect of your memorial and work with you to arrive at a letter style that is appropriate, unique and sympathetic to the person being remembered.

Classic Roman Capitals in Welsh Slate.

Classic Roman Letters in Yorkshire Sandstone.

Bold Flourished Italics in Nabresina Limestone.

Flowing Italics in Slate.

Lower case Italics in Yorkstone.

Freestyle Roman Letters in Nabresina with Blue Infill.

Pictorial and Decorative Elements

We are able to incorporate any pictorial design or motif into your memorial design.

Artisan Memorials


Artisan Memorials

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