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High quality, authentic memorials & plaques. Individually designed & made by expert Stonemasons

Stone Carved Letters




Artisan memorials – Stone Craved Letters

Hand crafted Headstones, Gravestones and Stone Plaques.

At Artisan Memorials, we understand the importance of honouring your loved one appropriately after they have passed. Our headstones, gravestones and stone plaques are therefore crafted from the finest choice of stone and feature carved letters for a premium, authentic memorial that will serve as a beautiful reminder of your loved one for years to come.


Words Matter

The words you choose to mark your loved one’s passing with are of great importance, something that is attested to by the amount of thought that goes into choosing them. It is therefore fitting to choose the most authentic method to engrave them with. V-carving produces intricate, highly detailed results and can be used to create both complex and simple designs to the best effect.

Why choose a stonemason for  memorials?

A skilled stonemason with an artist’s eye is able to judge letter forms and spacing in a way that a computer simply can’t. We believe that the uniqueness of a person’s life should be captured in the uniqueness of their memorial, something that is more achievable through skilful letter design and traditional stonemasonry techniques.

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V – Carved Letters.

Sandblasting is a common method for memorial lettering that has become the norm due to its affordability. However, to achieve a high-end finish, V – carved letters are always recommended for the engraving of headstones and memorial plaques. Because of the techniques we use and the knowledge we have of our art, we are able to create bespoke, premium products at a highly competitive price.

Bespoke Designs.

By putting good design and expert craftsmanship at the heart of everything we do, we are able to create beautiful, personal memorials to suit the individual needs of our clients. By listening to your description of the deceased and your wishes for how you would like them to be remembered, we can advise you on the perfect design to suit your needs.

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Knowledge and Expertise.

We are a family run business. As talented stonemasons, we are knowledgeable about the different types of stone, their individual properties and where to source the highest quality raw materials from. We are experts at working with a wide range of stones sourced from within the UK and Europe, including Welsh Slate, Yorkshire Sandstone, Dorset Limestone. We also work with Granite and Marble.

The best stones and suppliers.

Stonemasonry is our craft and therefore we are discerning when it comes to the choice of stone that we use, always opting for stones sourced from the UK and Europe, over those sourced from further afield. We are fully acquainted with our suppliers and prefer to work only with materials that we are fully knowledgeable about. We always endeavour to use the highest quality raw materials possible in our work.

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Headstones, Gravestones and memorial plaques

Memorial Stonemason.

In addition to private memorial stones we are sometimes asked to create other kinds of unique artworks for the public arena, exhibitions and private collections.

Private Client Piece in Nabresina Limestone

Garden Memorial, Nabresina Limestone.

Memorial Plaque for Scouts Organisation

Two matching Slate Memorial Plaques for the Scouting Organisation.

Working on Public Art in Canning Town

Working on public art project, Canning Town Station, London.

Single Carved Brick

Carved brick for exhibition at Chelsea Physic Garden.

Signage project in Margate Kent

Large signage project, Margate.

Exhibition Alphabet Cumbrian Slate

Exhibition Alphabet, Cumbrian Slate.

Herne Hill WW1 Plaque

Memorial Plaque commissioned by South Eastern Trains to commemorate local victims of World War 1. Installed in Herne Hill Station, London.

Carved Brick Plaque for San Francisco Museum

Carved Brick Plaque installed in San Francisco University.

Village Hall Plaque in Slate

Village Hall Plaque, Godalming, Surrey.

Exhibition work for Lettering Arts Trust

Carved slate for exhibition at the Lettering Arts Trust.

Glass engraving in gothic letters

Glass engraving, private commission.

Alphabet carved into Nabresina

Wall plaque, private commission, Nabresina Limestone.

Stonemason artwork carved into bricks

Carved brick collection for Kent Restaurant.

Artisan Memorials


Artisan Memorials

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